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pharmaphorum is one of the leading global channels for insight into the pharma and healthcare industry – and is essentially a group of passionate people who like asking excellent questions. Our podcasts offer a chance to pose some of these questions to the keenest minds in our industry to look at the big issues and opportunities facing pharma, biotech and healthcare today. With interviews and contributions from a host of industry experts and insiders, the pharmaphorum podcast is a must-listen for those who want insight into the future of health and medicine.

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Thursday May 16, 2024

In this special edition of the pharmaphorum podcast, the tables have turned as Jonah Comstock puts editors Eloise McLennan and Nicole Raleigh in the hot seat to discuss the biggest trends and talking points from last month’s Reuters Pharma Europe 2024 in Barcelona. 

Tuesday May 14, 2024

Today’s podcast sees web editor Nicole Raleigh speak with Dr Mark Leondires, founder and medical director at Illume Fertility, who shares his own journey and insights on In vitro gametogenesis (IVG).

Thursday May 09, 2024

Jennifer Goldsack of DiME talks in this podcast about the ROI for digital endpoints for pharma. Data shows digital endpoints drives meaningful engagement with healthcare providers.

Wednesday May 08, 2024

Clinical trials, their design and location, and these days their simulation, are the focus of today’s podcast with Dr Gen Li, founder and president of Phesi.

Thursday May 02, 2024

Security and privacy within biotech are critical points of consideration and discussion as the industry continues to innovate at speed, and it is such aspects that are central to today’s podcast with Zach Powers, chief information security officer at Benchling, the R&D cloud platform for the biotech industry.

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

While at Reuters Pharma Europe in Barcelona the other week, pharmaphorum web editor Nicole Raleigh spoke with Florian Schnappauf, VP of enterprise commercial strategy at Veeva Europe, about commercial strategy and digitalising commercial operations.

Thursday Apr 25, 2024

On today’s podcast, host Jonah Comstock is joined by Dr Amit Etkin, founder and CEO of Alto Neuroscience, a recently IPO'd biotech that wants to bring precision medicine to psychiatry. But what do we mean when we talk about precision, especially in a discipline like mental health that has historically involved a lot of objectivity?

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

In an on-site interview at Reuters Pharma Europe in Barcelona, this week’s podcast saw Tommy Bramley, SVP of market access and healthcare consulting at Cencora, discuss revitalising Europe’s pharmaceutical landscape and leveraging legislation for health and competitiveness.

Thursday Apr 18, 2024

In a new episode of the pharmaphorum podcast, web editor Nicole Raleigh welcomes Dr Carl Marci, chief psychiatrist and managing director of mental health and neuroscience at OM1 to discuss predictions for AI in mental health in the coming year, as well as what might truly make a difference in the field and lessen the mental health crisis.

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

It’s 2024 and in most clinical trials, data is still being moved from the EHR to the EDC manually – with employees reading data from one screen and typing it onto another. How did we get here? And how do we get past it? On today’s pharmaphorum podcast, host Jonah Comstock speaks with Iddo Peleg, CEO of Yonalink, about these very questions.

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